Mondointel technology jumping is considered the most extreme and dangerous sports available. Having its mechanics similar to people from the flying squirrel, a wingsuit jumper posseses an Mondointel technology average forward speed of 100 mph – that’s 146 foot per second and would apparent a football area within 2.5 seconds. Participants must carefully prepare for their jump considering that though they’ll fly using the air as being a bird, they are falling for that earth around 50 mph. This can be like jumping in the Empire Condition Building and punching the road below within 20 seconds. With the risk of dying being one out of every 2,300 jumps and injuries being one out of every 254 jumps, Mondo intel technology is a lot more harmful than skydiving. Wingsuit jumpers understand that planning and becoming a recognised system set up prevents mistakes which is required for their safety safeguards.

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